Payment of the deposit by the hirer constitutes agreement to hire the facilities as per the advised group numbers.


The Francis Retreat and its agents do not accept responsibility for loss of or damage to property or personal injury arising from the use of facilities or activities.


Groups may be required to share the site. Groups are carefully programmed to avoid clashes. Exclusive use is available by agreement with The Francis Retreat Manager’s.

Supervision of Groups:

The group leader is responsible for the delegation of supervision duties to ensure that participants are supervised at all times. There will be Retreat Manager(s) available for liaison whilst on site. After lights out supervision is strictly the responsibility of the Group Leader.

Care of our Environment:

Cabins/Dormitories: It is suggested that cabins/dormitories are cleaned daily to prevent excessive time requirements on the final day, leaving areas tidy
Camp End: You will be notice the clean and cared for grounds and buildings we share with you and your group, we appreciate your group leaving The Francis
Retreat as you came to it.

Arrival & Departure Procedures:

Arrival and departure times outlined in the booking form must be adhered to unless alternate arrangements are made with The Francis Retreat Manager’s in advance.

Emergency Procedures:

  1. Procedures: Emergency and evacuation procedures are posted throughout the grounds and group leaders should familiarise themselves with these.
  2. Fire Fighting Equipment: All such equipment (smoke detectors, hose reels etc) is essential for safety and must not be tampered with by guests. Any damage must be reported to Management. There is a minimum charge of $250 for damage to equipment.


  1. Damage and Loss: All breakages and losses to property and equipment are to be reported to management. These will be invoiced to the group.
  2. Vehicles and Parking: No vehicles are to be driven in an area other than a designated road or parking area. Identified speed limits must be adhered to.
  3. The Environment: The Francis Retreat is a sanctuary for Flora and Fauna. It is essential that all visitors care and respect this environment by not disturbing the natural surrounds. No firearms or household pets are to be brought on to the site. All garbage must be disposed of appropriately.
  4. Alcohol / Smoke Free Environment: The Francis Retreat is a Smoke Free Environment. Alcohol is not permitted without management approval or in the presence of minors.
  5. Out of Bounds Areas: Commercial Kitchen, workshops, adjacent properties are all ‘out of bounds’ areas.

Activity Usage:

  1. On-site Activities’: These activities include ‘general use’ sporting type equipment such as volleyball, basketball, oval and other ball games. Equipment is available for use by all groups. Care and return of this equipment is the responsibility of the group leader, as is adequate supervision of such activities.
  2. Swimming: Supervision of all swimming is the responsibility of the group leader. Swimming pool gate must be locked when the area is un-supervised. Swimming must be supervised by a CPR qualified adult.

First Aid:

In all programs, it is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure that adequate First Aid expertise and equipment are provided for groups. Any such incidents must be recorded in the illness / injury register and it is the responsibility of the group leader to make themselves familiar with this documentation.

Documentation Information:

Group leaders must ensure all groups participant names are provided to The Francis Retreat prior to commencement of stay.


Group leaders are asked to remind groups to respect each other, others personal property and the environment. All noise should cease by 11pm each night.